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index.php feedback:

Add to form option for Round Trip and One Way (round trip being the default) See existing form

Mimic existing form - Rename on form Fly From to Departing From, next field Date From, rename Departure Date, then Fly To rename Traveling To, then Date To rename Return Date (you can send date_to as it is required in API from the value in Date From field, the Return Date will send data to return_to) then the Adult, Children and Infant fields and submit button

In addition

Default Value for form:

- Fly From value="MBL"

- Fly To value="MCO"

- Adults vaule="1"

- Children="0"

- Infants value="0"

Can you auto populate Fly From and Fly To to list United States Airports when user starts typing it suggests airports (understand if this is a separate project/quote)

Have Date From equal todays date, Have Date To equal selected date from Date From

results.php feedback:

If available with API can you add two letter State for example Manistee, MI --> Orlando, FL

Place dollar sign to left of price $83

For flight duration can we display hours and minutes for example 6 hours 50 minutes

Remove seconds in duration, departure time and arrival time.

Please display AM and PM for departure and arrival time fields.

In routes can airport codes be city name for example Manistee, MI --> Chicago, IL
Chicago IL --> Orlando, FL

Add Return flight route in the display maybe in a third column

Date format for display MM/DD/YYYY