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Updating Nav Data and Terrain/Obstacle Data

Garmin Support: 866-739-5687

  1. Plug in Garmin Card Reader 01-01277-20 (Black Unit with Cable to plug into USB port on computer)
  2. Insert data card into reader (label facing up toward Garmin logo and light)
  3. NOTE: You will need a navigation data card and a terrain data card, navigation needs to be updated on navigation card and obstacles and terrain on the terrain card.

  4. Go to Website –
  5. On top-right side of page, sign into account with email address –
  6. Password – Flying123

  7. Click the Sign in button
  8. Go to to download software for windows (skip this step if software is already installed)
  9. On top of page click on Devices to display a list of our aircraft
  10. Select which aircraft you are updating
  11. Click on Install updates button
  12. Click radio button for Which Cycle you wish to choose
  13. Click on check boxes to select which updates you wish to choose
  14. Click the Launch FLYGARMIN DESKTOP button to install.