Travel Agents

Travel Agents can register directly with us and gain the benefit of direct access to all of our fares and availability, with options to process your client’s payment by direct and immediate on-line credit card processing.

Approved Agencies also have the ability to bill their client directly and charge sales to their own account, thereby collecting commissions immediately!

To register for an on-line account, CLICK HERE

Public Charters’ inventory can also be booked through any one of the following GDS’: Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan and Apollo. Our 2 letter IATA code is 4P and our 3 number airline plating is 351

Please note that the following routes can only be booked through one of the above GDS’ and are not available to be booked with us directly on-line:

  • Cincinnati (LUK) – Chicago (MDW)
  • Cincinnati (LUK) – New York (MMU)
  • Cincinnati (LUK) – Charlotte (CLT)
  • Cincinnati (LUK) – Atlanta (PDK)
  • Cincinnati (LUK) – Cleveland (BKL)

Participating GDS Travel Agent FAQs:

  • Why is Public Charters changing their airline code from P1 to 4P?
    • We recently obtained our FAA/DOT Part 135 Commuter Air Carrier Operating Certificate. IATA assigned us a new Marketing code.
  • Will the airline name remain the same?
    • The new airline name is Public Charters, Inc. dba Regional Sky
  • What date will the P1 airline code be removed from the GDS?
    • P1 flights will be available through 05/31/2018. Effective 06/01/2018 all of our flight schedules, fares and rules will be published under 4P
  • Will the Public Charters ticket stock number still remain on the 351 airline plate?
    • Yes, 351 will be transferred from P1 to 4P effective 06/01/2018
  • Will all P1 bookings be required to be ticketed on P1 before the 4P cutover date?
    • Yes
  • What happens if a PNR containing P1 is booked on May 31 and not ticketed until June 1?
    • Agents will not be able to ticket the P1 PNR. A new PNR should be created then ticketed under 4P
  • What number should a travel agent call if we have a ticket which needs reissue after June 1 and contains P1 flights?
    • 877-359-7595