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For your convenience, there are several ways to make reservations with Public Charters.

Option How Fee
Make your reservation on-line with us* NO CHARGE
Call Your Local Travel Agent    
Call our Call Center 877-359-7595 $15.00 Per Reservation
Travelers who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service to contact us or can email us $15.00 Per Reservation
Through online booking web sites,, etc.  
Through Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan or Apollo (Travel Agents Only) Search using “P1”  
 *When you make your reservation, please help us to help you by providing your connecting flight information.  Just follow these step-by-step instructions:



Upon completion of the reservation, click on Click [HERE] To Continue at the bottom of the confirmation screen and you will be directed to the “My Account – My Flights” screen. NOTE:  If you are entering Connecting Flight information at a later time, you must sign in to your account, choose and click on the correct reservation and proceed with the same instructions.

You will see:

Click [HERE] to enter the connecting flight information.

connecting flight graphic 1



connecting flight graphic 2


Enter the details of the flight connection using the available drop down lists and entering times. 

The connecting airline’s confirmation number can also be entered but is not a required field. 

connecting flight graphic 3


Click SAVE to add the connection to the reservation.

For a round-trip, you will be directed to another screen where a second connecting flight can be entered in the same manner.

Click ADD ANOTHER FLIGHT CONNECTION NOW to enter the return connection and proceed as above.