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Base Fares

Our Base Fares are our ticket price to you. Fares shown when viewing our flight schedules include other per passenger government and airport imposed travel taxes or fees. The total of these taxes and/or fees will show separately for each booking.

What’s Included in our Base Fares

Our pricing is designed to be clear, concise and to the point with no surprises. All fares include the following (unless otherwise stipulated when booking):

Domestic Flights

  • 1st Checked Bag (standard weight) FREE!
  • In-Flight Beverage (non-alcoholic) FREE!
  • Family seating together FREE!
  • On-Line Booking FREE!

International Flights

  • 1st Checked Bag (standard weight) FREE!
  • InFlight  Beverage (non-alcoholic) FREE!
  • Family seatng together FREE!
  • On-Line Booking FREE!

Scroll down to view items that are charged in addition to the Base Fare.

Government & Airport Taxes and Fees

Taxes and Fees are charged differently depending on if you are traveling Domestically within the United States or Internationally.  In addition, some taxes and fees are the same regardless where you are traveling and some are specific to the origination and destination airports.  Here is a more detailed breakdown of these fees.

Our system will automatically calculate the applicable Taxes and Fees* for your specific flight itinerary and show the total per person charge.

*Keep in mind, taxes and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the charging entity.

Tax or Fee Amount US Domestic International
U.S. Federal Excise Tax 7.5% of Base Fare -YES(included in base fare) N/A
U.S. International Arrival and Departure Tax $18.00 per person N/A YES
(Applies to both U.S. Departures and U.S. Arrivals)
U.S. Federal Segment Fee $4.10 per person
(Charged Per Flight Segment-1 departure & 1 arrival)
U.S. TSA Security Fee $5.60 per person YES
(Charged per one way flight)
(Charged per one way flight)
U.S. Passenger Facility Fee Up to $4.50 per person YES
(Charged on each Departing Airport Check-In)
(Charged on each U.S. Departing Airport Check-In)
U.S. Animal and Plant Inspection Fee $3.96 per person N/A YES
(Charged on first U.S. Airport of Entry)
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Fee $7.00 per person N/A YES
(Charged on first U.S. Airport of Entry)
International Government & Airport Taxes and Fees Varies N/A YES
(May be Charged upon International Airport Arrivals and Departures)
U.S. Customs Fee $5.50 N/A YES
(Charged upon first U.S. Airport or Entry Point)